Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how we process personal data you provide to us. This Privacy Policy also describes the collection of specific technical and other navigation information through cookie files and similar technologies.

Please read this Privacy Policy before using the site or before submitting any personal data to us.


How does this Privacy Policy define “personal data”?

Personal Data is information that identifies you or that could reasonably be used to identify you and which is submitted to or collected by the Website, and maintained by the Company in an accessible form. Examples of personal data are your name, your mailing address, your email address, and your phone number.

What kind of information is collected electronically?

Personal Data You Submit: Most of our services do not require any form of registration on your part, allowing you to visit our site without having to enter any of your personal data. The Company collects the personal data you enter in the data fields on the site. For example, you may enter your name, your mailing address, your email address and / or other information to access the site.

Passive collection of specific other technical and navigation elements: The site may collect information about your visits without you actively submitting it. These may include, for example, the type and language of your browser, your operating system, your IP address, the URLs of the sites you visited before and after your site visit, the search that you led you to the site, as well as the pages and ads you see and the links you click through to our site. This information can be collected using various technologies, such as cookies, internet tags, and web beacons. Your browser also automatically transmits some of these items, such as the URL of the site you just visited and the version of the browser installed on your computer.


How does the Company use the personal data I provide?

The Company will use the personal data you provide to answer your queries and send you newsletters.

What choices do I have regarding the way the Company collects and uses my personal data?

You can always limit the range and type of personal data the Company receives about you by choosing not to enter any personal data into forms or data fields on its website. Some of our online services can only be provided if you provide the necessary personal data. Elsewhere you may be asked if you would like to be included in our contact lists for promotional information and additional services that may be of interest to you.

Does the Company share personal data with third parties?

The Company does not market, share, transmit or distribute in any way your personal data to third parties.

The Company is obliged to provide your personal data in response to official requests from government authorities to deal with national security situations or as otherwise required by law.

Who within the Company will have access to my personal data?

Personal data is accessible to a limited number of employees of the Company. We educate our employees on the importance of confidentiality and how your data is subject to proper and secure handling and management.

How does the Company guarantee the security of personal data?

The Company’s practice is to insure any website that collects personal data. To this end, it has worked with specialized consultants and employs trained staff. However, the privacy of personal data transmitted over the Internet cannot be guaranteed. We encourage you to be careful when transmitting personal data over the Internet, especially personal data related to your health. The Company cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not access your personal data. Therefore, when submitting personal data to the Company’s website, you must weigh both the benefits and the risks.

In addition, the site covered by this Privacy Policy will display a warning message each time you link to a site that is not controlled by the Group or is not subject to its Privacy Policy. You should review the privacy policies of these third-party sites before submitting any personal data to them.

Does the Company transfer personal data to different jurisdictions?

The Company does not keep the data on servers / servers outside the Greek Territory.

How does the Company protect children’s privacy?

The Company does not collect or use any personal data of children (we designate minors under 16) on its website. We do not allow children to contact us or use any of our online services. If you are a parent and understand that your child has provided us with information, please contact us through any of the methods provided below and we will work with you to address this issue.

How can I rectify or delete my personal data from the Company’s current customer records?

According to the law, you may request access to your personal data, raise any objections to the processing of data relating to the rectification or deletion of your personal data from our current customer records. Let us know by contacting us in one of the following ways. For the purposes of keeping our records, we will retain the personal data you submit in the course of promotional activities, unless you wish otherwise, so we will delete them.


Why does the Company’s website use cookie files and other tracking technologies?

Cookies are files that our server may send to your computer when you access a Company Web site. These files are stored on your computer. After you enter your personal data into a form or data field on the Company’s website, the latter may use cookies and certain other technologies to allow that site to “remember” your personal preferences, such as parts of the site frequently visited and, if you choose, your user ID.

Passive data collection technologies can make it easier for you to use the site by allowing the Company to provide better services, customize the site to its customers’ preferences, compile statistics, analyze trends and manage and improve with others ways his site. Some features of the site may not work without the use of passive data collection technologies. You can also learn more about cookie files at

What kind of cookie files and other tracking technologies does the Company’s website use?

The Company website uses “session” cookie files: Session cookie files are temporary information that is deleted when you exit your browser or once you have disabled your computer. Session cookie files are used, for example, to improve navigation on our site, to prevent visitors from providing information where this is not appropriate (the site “remembers” previous entries of age or country of origin that were outside the designated parameters and excludes subsequent changes) and to collect aggregate statistics.

The company website may use “permanent” cookie files: Permanent cookie files are permanent information that is stored on your computer’s hard drive and remains on it unless you delete the cookie file. Permanent cookies store information on your computer for a variety of reasons, such as retrieving specific information you previously provided (eg passwords), to help visitors determine which parts of the site they find most valuable and to customize the site to your preferences on an ongoing basis. Permanent cookie files located on your computer from this site may retain information that may identify you, but only if you have otherwise subscribed or consented to the retention of relevant information provided on the site. Otherwise, our site server only knows that an unknown visitor with your own cookie files has returned to the site.

The site may use webpages (also known as web tags, one-pixel GIFs, transparent GIFs, and invisible GIFs): Webpages are tiny graphics on a web page or email used to crawl the displayed

pages or messages that are opened. Web beacons transmit information to the server of the site, such as the IP address and browser type associated with the visitor’s computer. Webpages may be found in online ads through which visitors are redirected to our site and various pages. Web sites give us information about how many times a page is opened and what information is accessed.

What options do I have regarding the use of cookies and other tracking technologies by the Company?

You may choose to enable or disable the use of cookies and other tracking technologies available on the Company’s website. On the Company’s website, you may be required to explicitly consent to the use of cookie files and / or other tracking technologies. The cookie files required to operate the site and provide the services you have requested will continue to work regardless of whether you consent or not. Other types of cookie files and tracking technologies will be disabled until you provide your explicit consent. As a result, the functionality of the site may be reduced until you choose to provide your explicit consent.

On the site, you may be asked some questions about your preferences or there are checkboxes that will allow you to indicate that you do not wish to use cookie files or other tracking technologies that are not necessary to operate the site. If you choose to exercise this right, the functionality of the site may be impaired as a result of your choice.

Some browsers allow you to restrict or disable the use of cookie files and other tracking technologies. For instructions on how to do this, see the information provided by your browser (usually found in the Help menu).


How will I know if the Company has updated / updated this privacy policy?

Our Privacy Policy will be updated to meet legislative and technological developments. Any changes will be notified to you via a note in a prominent place on our site.

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