Our Company

Our company commenced its operations in Greece in 2012 and provides services to a large number of various entities, operating mainly in financial services, industrial, commerce and shipping sector, etc.

Our Company is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece (SOEL), with registration number 163 and is registered also in the Public Register of Audit Companies of the Accounting Standardization and Auditing Committee (ELTE) with registration number 031, as well as a full member of DFK International, providing all the full range of professional audit services.

Our constantly increasing pace of growth is based on the efforts of our experienced executives, coming almost entirely from the largest international audit companies (Big 4) operating in Greece. Our executives have extensive experience in audits of large organizations and have imparted their expertise and professional ethics into our company.

Our clients consist of companies activating in all economic fields.

Our ability to work together and use the sources of information of DFK International, to which we are a full member, helps us solve specific and complex problems.

Our expertise and provision of high quality services are the elements that provide for added value and important benefits to our clients.

For more information please read the attached file:
(Link for the DFK EMEA Brochure)