Cookies Submission

Cookies are governed by the e-privacy Directive 2002/58 / EC as amended by Directive 2009/136 /EC (which is incorporated into the Greek Legal System by Law 3471/2006) as expressly provided in 2016/679 Privacy Policy Privacy Recital 173.

According to applicable law N3471 / 2006 (see Article 4par5 of this Law as amended by Article 170 Law 4070/2012) “The installation of cookies is permitted only with the consent of the user and after proper information.”

Which cookies are installed ?

A. With your consent

Google Analytics

1. Browser agent data

2. Unique identifier

3. Country

4. IP address

B. Without your consent

There are cookies that have been rated by the Article 29* Working Party as technically-necessary in order to connect to the Website or to provide the Internet service. For these cookies, the law does not require prior consent.

These are (see also Wp29 Opinion 4/2012)

Ø “Cookies” that are necessary to identify and / or maintain content that the subscriber or user provides during a session on a web site throughout that particular connection. (For example, such cookies are required when filling out an online form.)

The same category includes “persistent” “cookies” that are installed for the same purpose and last for a few hours.

Ø “Cookies” necessary to authenticate the subscriber or user on services that require authentication

Ø Cookies that are installed to protect the subscriber or user, such as cookies that detect repeated unsuccessful attempts to log into a user’s account on a particular website.

Ø “Cookies” with multimedia content, such as flash player “cookies”, during a web session. These are for example cookies that are installed when viewing a video on the website that the user has visited.

Ø “Cookies” necessary for performing the load balancing technique on a web site link.

Ø “Cookies” that “remember” the subscriber’s or user’s preferences regarding the presentation of the website (eg “cookies” related to the choice of language or presentation of search results on a web page).

Ø “Cookies” that are installed via plug-ins on social networking sites that relate to sharing content between certified members who are already logged in.

How to control cookies

You can delete all cookies already on your computer and configure most browsers to prevent cookies from being installed. However, in this case, you may have to adjust your own preferences each time you visit a site, and some services may not work as well.

Here’s how to check and / or delete cookies according to your wishes:

How can I accept or reject cookies on this site?

You can easily accept or reject cookies on this site by selecting one of the links below:

Ø Cookies I accept cookies / I reject cookies.

How do I know if the cookies policy changes?

Any changes to this cookie policy will appear on the Website in a timely manner.